Drivers & Transporters of ECO countries who intend to travel to Pakistan for transport purpose can apply for this visa sub-category under the work visa category.

Application Type

You can apply for two types of visa online:

First Time (New) : You can apply for a new visa if you do not possess a valid Pakistan visa.

Extension : You can apply for a visa extension if you posses a valid Pakistan visa and you are in Pakistan.


  • Drivers & Transporters of ECO countries who meet the requirements are eligible to apply for this visa category.

Required Documents

  1. Photograph
  2. Passport
  3. Registration as a Transport Company
  4. Employment Letter
  5. Entry/Visa Page (In Case of Extension only)
  • You are required to upload proof of legal residence,  in case you are not present in your home country and are applying for visa from a third country, it’s a mandatory requirement! The document can be uploaded in the supporting document type: Other

Duration and Validity

  • An Entry Visa can be granted for up to 6 Months (Single Entry/Multiple Entries).
  • An Extension Visa can be granted up to 1 Years (Single Entry/Multiple Entries).
In case of extension, please make sure that you have a valid Pakistani Visa and are residing in Pakistan as well.

Processing Time

Issuance of Visa is the prerogative of the Government of Pakistan.
  • 48 Hours (Working Days – First Time Entry)
  • 48 Hours (Working days – Extension)
Please Note: : If the application is Sent Back for Review to the Applicant, the set processing time will be applicable again (The processing time will re-start from the date of re-submission of application).
The Application will stand cancelled if applicant doesn’t resubmit his/her application in Seven (7) days from the date of application sent for review.

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