How to upload documents

Attaching Documents in the Pakistan Online Visa System

When applying through the Pakistan Online Visa System, you will be required to upload supporting documents (e.g. passport, photograph).

This guide explains the steps for attaching supporting documents to your Visa Application. You can upload your photograph and supporting documents by following the procedure below.

Allowed file types : JPEG,JPG,PNG
Allowed file size:     500 KB

Attaching Documents to an Application

  1. Login to your Pakistan Online Visa System account.
  2. When you reach the Document Upload section, follow the steps below:
  3. Select the Document Type from the drop down menu (as shown in Step 2)
  4. Click Choose button to browse your computer for the files (as shown in Step 3)
  5. Find and select the file to be uploaded (As shown in Step 4)
  6. Click Open (as shown in Step 5)
  7. The selected document will be displayed (as shown in Step 6)
  8. Click the Upload button (as shown in Step 7).
  9. If you selected a wrong document, click X to remove the file and select another (as shown in Step 8)
  10. Your document is successfully uploaded and attached with your Visa Application (as shown in Step 9).
  11. Click Remove, if you want to remove this document from your Visa Application (as shown in Step 10).